From Initial Garden Design and Hardscape Design: Our Designers or yours. Jenlat  has the experience, ability and know how to Design, Custom Decks, Planter Boxes, Pergolas and our specialty: Built in IPE wood Planters to match your Patio,Courtyard,Terrace, Rooftop or any Garden. We can work from a simple concept sketch, photos of a style of Garden design or Landscaping features. Our Landscape and Garden Designers can produce for you and artist rendering or an advanced Architectural style Landscape plan for your home or corporate space. We take the time ti listen to you and learn how you wish to use the outdoor space.

    What We Do

    We build the finest quality decks, custom planters and planter boxes on your rooftop terrace or anywhere else Building Custom IPE Fence, installing Concrete Pavers, Building and installing custom IPE Planter Boxes, Drip Irrigation and Landscape Lighting on Long Island, Westchester, Singapore City for several years Jenlat has true Urban Garden Design and installation experience for your Rooftop, Terrace or Yard. True Garden, Landscape Design and installation experience in suburban and city settings.

    Wood Decking

    We do details, and we do them well. With the bar set high on the construction and installation process, we are known for building beautiful spaces that last. Our expertise in the permitting process in this complicated city will ensure your project runs smoothly. Choosing Jenlat guarantees professional attention every step of the way:

    Laying of Pebble Stone and slab for Pathway

    Add value, beauty, and character with masonry work.Adding masonry features to your yard can transform it from a simple space to a beautiful area you love to be in. There’s no limit to what we can design and install for you. Work with us to create a space that’s right for your home. Our computerized landscape design service can help create your vision.

    Garden Related Metal Fabrication services

    The demand for home and garden products have made it one of the most popular company in Landscaping. This also means the market is flooded with low-quality products, emphasizing the need for high-quality products. At Jenlat we create fully customized parts and components for many appliances for garden . We install metal parts for almost every single garden item, including mowers and heavy tractors.

    Construction of Planter Box

    Jenlat offers a unique “Planter Box” service. Owner, Will Creed, is the only indoor plant doctor making house calls in Singapore City. He can assist you with any and all of your house plant concerns. Will has over 4 years of professional experience and is Jenlats’s foremost diagnostician of indoor plant problems. He has visited hundreds of homes and offices  in Singapore. More often than not, he can diagnose your problem and recommend a solution  via phone, text or email. If not, a visit can be arranged at an agreed upon affordable fee.

    Fish Pond construction and Maintenance

    To develop a low maintenance pond it is necessary to create a balance between open water areas, fish and plants. As the circulation of water breaks down pond waste, plants are there to remove the minerals as nutrients, thus starving potential algae formation and helping to keep the water clear. A pond that is designed properly becomes a part of the environment and requires very little care.  Ideal pond excavation will provide soil for waterfall and stream elevations, without excessive and burdensome removal of earth from the job site.

    Construction of wooden or metal Bridge across the Pond or water feature

    Adding a wooden bridge to your landscape is both attractive and practical. A bridge can span a stream, help you across a backyard pond, or provide a charming transition from one garden area to another. You may enjoy building it almost as much as walking over it when you’re finished.

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If you have some backyard designs in mind for your property in the Singapore area, contact us today at Jenlat Landscape Design & Construction. We can create a custom landscape plan for your outdoor space with everything from trees and plants to Landscape design. Call +6591451752, or check out our portfolio for some inspiration for your own outdoor space