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    Green Wall

    Jenlat Landscape Pte Ltd is a creative green building company focused on bringing the magic of nature back into our work and living spaces. We do this with LIVING WALL ART.Living Walls are an innovative artistic technology that allows nature to cohabit with 21st century buildings, both inside and out.

    LIVING WALLS – If it’s green building and creative, we do it. Energy efficient, salvaged materials, biophilic, ancient techniques, cutting edge technology, and mother nature are our tools to create art. LIVING WALL ART.

    What We Do

    Sustainable design of green walls should incorporate critical principles of water sensitive urban design, mainly to manage storm water in the landscape. Recycling of irrigation water is useful in green wall installations, especially where large volumes of water flow through the system. Untreated water can spread soil-borne disease and thus one may require treatment to disinfect and treat run-off water.

    Green wall Fabricate

    We are Jenlat Green Wall Installers focused on green wall installations in the tri-state area. Living walls, or green walls as they are also known, are basically a way of growing plants, including fruit and vegetables, up a wall rather than in the ground. Living walls increase the aesthetic appeal of any space; they can turn a dull and dreary house into an alluring and inviting home, and they have an instant “wow” effect. Eco Brooklyn Living Walls increase biodiversity in our city; we help mitigate the loss of biodiversity due to the negative effects of urbanization. Exterior living walls help a building’s structural integrity by protecting buildings from the extremes of the North Eastern climate. The outdoor living wall prevents dramatic temperature fluctuations, protecting the building from corrosion.

    Construction and installation

    Our green wall system is scalable to any size from small home indoor living walls to more sophisticated solutions for larger commercial green wall applications. We offer a variety of irrigation solutions to suit each living wall situation, from self watering to irrigation connected to the mains water line. Our decorative plants allow for a wide variety of living wall visual designs, from wild looking living walls to more formal arrangements. For both indoor and outdoor living walls, our green walls are beautiful year round thanks to our special plant selection. Living Wall & Green Wall Installers are increasingly being used to make a contemporary design feature in living and work spaces, as well as for concealing ugly walls, and for growing fruit and vegetables in confined spaces.

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Specialists in green wall design and installation can provide advice on the most appropriate system and the best construction approach. Every member of our team of experts is well versed with green walls. Feel free to contact us +6591451752 for more information and advice about green walls. We shall be happy to assist in you in installation as well as maintenance of your green wall.