Our landscape professionals work on every stage of the landscaping process, from planning to installation and maintenance. We’re experts in creating small, urban gardens as well as large landscaping design projects. Our landscaping experts work closely with customers to design a beautiful and functional outdoor space that can include firepits, patios, pergolas, and arbors.

    What We Do

    We do everything from fencing and decks to pools and ponds, in formal or informal gardens. Plus, we’re experts in plantings and we help our customers choose trees and plants that will thrive in your yard and add beauty and shade for years to come.

    We also work with oddly shaped spaces, rooftop gardens, and other unusual landscape projects. We specialize in landscape-related plumbing and electrical work. Plus, we do snow removal during those cold winter months.

    Landscape design and construction

    Whether you want to redesign your yard or simply want to update the flowerbeds, you can bet your yard will have the appeal and look you want.

    Tree Pruning

    We specialize in Tree Trimming, Hazardous Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Tree Relocation, Stump Grinding, Land Clearing, Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance, Irrigation, and Landscape Lighting to make your yard look better than ever before.

    Laying of Grasses

    In addition to our landscaping maintenance programs, our skilled professionals can also help you plant and care for laying of grasses. We will work with you to provide education on how to properly care for grasses in variable conditions. In time for different weather, we’ll also assist you in maintaining  and properly watering  your grasses.

    Landscape Maintenance

    To truly have stunning, eye-catching and lush landscaping, you not only need creative design and well-thought-out structure, but also careful monitoring paired with regular landscape maintenance. At Jenlat Landscaping, we are dedicated to keeping your lawn looking its best. Your landscaping is a living environment — it constantly changes and evolves, needing careful monitoring to ensure long life and utility.

    Grass Cutting

    If you own a residential or commercial property, you need to have a reliable crew to take care of it. Jenlat is your trusted property maintenance company for high-end home and business properties throughout the Singapore area. You can count on our team to handle a number of different tasks and challenges to make sure your property stays beautiful and functional during every season. Choose Jenlat Grass Cutting service for property maintenance.

    Rooftop Gardening

    Rooftop, Terrace and Penthouse Garden Design: A unique, fresh persepective rooted in years of garden and landscape experience. Promising young designers, carpenters, stone masons assist experienced master gardeners in creating designs and innovative solutions for distinctive usable outdoor spaces. The best ideas in Rooftop Garden design and construction from balcony to a skyscraper, an oasis on top of the world…Jenlat creates Rooftop and terrace designs on a near daily basis.

Contact Us

If you have some backyard designs in mind for your property in the Singapore area, contact us today at Jenlat Landscape Design & Construction. We can create a custom landscape plan for your outdoor space with everything from trees and plants to Landscape design. Call +6591451752, or check out our portfolio for some inspiration for your own outdoor space