Plants and Trees Supplies

    Plants and Trees Supplies

    Jenlat Landscape Pte Ltd prides itself on using environmentally responsible methods to running the garden centre.
    There is nothing more beautiful for a house’s exterior than a well-planned and impeccably groomed garden, with flowerbeds, hedges and a luxurious lawn. Landscape design, also known simply as landscaping, is somewhere between an art form and a detailed craft. You wouldn’t trust your home’s exterior to just anybody. You want it to be easy to look after, uncomplicated to maintain and amazing to behold. We can do all of that for you, and more!

    What We Do

    Our service comes complete with catalogues of flowers, plants, implements, watering systems, plant food and the expert knowledge that allows us to put those things together into a design that you will love to come home to. Hundreds of homes in the surrounding neighbourhoods are proud to exhibit landscaping done by our caring specialists.

    Supply Artificial Plants for indoor Green wall and Indoor Pots.

    Our beautiful high-quality artificial plants products look amazingly real. It is the great nature maker for either private or commercial use. Artificial plants is available in different environments. No matter there s no sunlight, no water, extremely cold or hot, Our product will bring the green idea to you, anywhere, anytime. Our products are maintenance free, which is the perfect fit for modern people’s busy lifestyle. It will provide color, form and interest throughout the year. Our high quality product is your best solution for indoor decoration.

    Supply Hybrid Fruit Trees and Herb Plants.

    Everyone loves to come home to a beautiful and peaceful garden where they can relax and indulge in nature. It’s rewarding to have a healthy garden that is well maintained and neat.There is some work involved in building a beautiful garden. It means getting your hands in the soil and spending some time.Many homes in our neighborhood have challenges like shade, drainage or limited space. When you come to our store we will help you match the right plant material for the space you have. We have been growing beautiful plants in Singapore for over 4 years and we like to be helpful.

    Supply Indoor and Outdoor plants

    When properly selected and cared for, indoor plants will remain healthy and attractive for many years. Poorly maintained plants quickly deteriorate and become unattractive and unappealing. They also lose their ability to clean the air. An ailing plant is worse than no plant at all.Proper care of plants may not be rocket science, but it is much more than “throwing some water on them” every week. Professional indoor horticulturists have developed many special techniques for maintaining plants in home and office environments

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We are confident in our ability to transform your outdoor living space into a unique natural environment. For more information on prices, stock or advice from our dedicated specialists, call +6591451752 Jenlat Landscaping Pte Ltd Singapore and we will make sure to turn your dream garden into vivid reality. We are here for you.